DMT healing experience

Last year I bought myself as a birthday present some DMT infused herbs aka. Changa, which I was still saving some for a 'special occasion'. Well the special occasion turned out to be a random Monday morning after meditation. That may sound very strange to anyone, specially after I add that for almost 7 months … Continue reading DMT healing experience


Milano – Couch Surfing lessons

So the past days I was in Milano to visit a friend who has come from Brazil for a Europe trip with her boyfriend. Since Ryanair plane tickets were so cheap I decided to go there meet her even tough I'm quite brooke at the moment and Milan is not a cheap city. In an … Continue reading Milano – Couch Surfing lessons

Ecstatic Dance – my new addiction

So last week I went  to Ecstatic Dance for the first time and it was one of the most liberating experience ever. I would say Ecstatic Dance is a form of dancing meditation, the idea is to dance freely and let the energy flow. There is some guidelines for the practice to work better, like dancing … Continue reading Ecstatic Dance – my new addiction

A Primeira Ponte – Urdhva Dhanurasana

Hoje voltei mais feliz e realizada do que nunca da aula de yoga, como contei no primeiro post do blog sou uma super iniciante na prática e tenho várias dificuldades por não ter muita flexibilidade e força. Mas eu acredito que nada disso deve ser um empecilho, afinal o Yoga pra mim é sobre conhecer … Continue reading A Primeira Ponte – Urdhva Dhanurasana

Work in Progress – My Yoga Journey

o mI recently started to practice Yoga again and I feel more motivated than ever to keep it going. This motivation comes from deep down, and for a long time I didn't feel something so inspiring as this desire to keep a frequent practice. I have 30 years old and I was never a big … Continue reading Work in Progress – My Yoga Journey