Why did you move to Berlin?

So yesterday once again I got my self being asked this question by a random person. If only I could count how many times and situations I was asked this, and all the random answers I gave... 'I was bored in Brazil', 'I needed some change in my life', 'I just taught it was a cool … Continue reading Why did you move to Berlin?


Krumme Lanke – Lagos em Berlim

Essa semana por um milagre o sol resolveu aparecer em Berlim. Eu já tinha quase desistido de curtir o verão Europeu, mas como a temperatura mudou do nada resolvi aproveitar o que provavelmente serão meus últimos dias de calor, e pra isso nada melhor que passar o dia no lago! Pra quem não sabe, Berlim é … Continue reading Krumme Lanke – Lagos em Berlim

Bio Living

Living in Berlin I feel it is a lot easier to pay attention on my diet. Here there is a lot of options of organic products and the price difference is not as high as in Brazil, so it is quite affordable. Foods defined as 'Bio' here in Europe supposedly come from controlled sources, are … Continue reading Bio Living