Life lesson banana

It's funny how we constantly trick ourselves not actually living our beliefs.  Me, for example always say that I am a true believer that the universe gives you everything you need, but my actions sometimes do not reflect this idea. On the day I left my Vipassana meditation I got an amusing and delicious life … Continue reading Life lesson banana


Vipassana – 10 days in silence and meditation

So it happened I survived Vipassana! Since my trip to India I have heard a lot about it and many of my colleges in the Yoga Teacher Training had made it, so I was also very curious to try. To be honest before I got there I had no clue of Vipassana meditation itself, I … Continue reading Vipassana – 10 days in silence and meditation

Milano – Couch Surfing lessons

So the past days I was in Milano to visit a friend who has come from Brazil for a Europe trip with her boyfriend. Since Ryanair plane tickets were so cheap I decided to go there meet her even tough I'm quite brooke at the moment and Milan is not a cheap city. In an … Continue reading Milano – Couch Surfing lessons

Ashtanga Mysore – Trial

Following with my trials in different schools in Berlin, this month I experiment Ashtanga Yoga Berlin School in Mitte. This school teaches only Ashtanga Vinyasa, and it is specialized in Mysore style, which is totally different of the common Yoga classes in the West. Mysore is a specific way of teaching Ashtanga Yoga taught by … Continue reading Ashtanga Mysore – Trial

Ecstatic Dance – my new addiction

So last week I went  to Ecstatic Dance for the first time and it was one of the most liberating experience ever. I would say Ecstatic Dance is a form of dancing meditation, the idea is to dance freely and let the energy flow. There is some guidelines for the practice to work better, like dancing … Continue reading Ecstatic Dance – my new addiction

Jivamukti Yoga – Trial

A few days ago I completed a trial month at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. They have a special offer for people who are interested in getting to know the school and is possible to buy an unlimited 1 month pass for quite cheap on your first visit in one of the studios. I randomly found the school online and thought … Continue reading Jivamukti Yoga – Trial

Nobody is going to live your life for you

Taking a walk home after Yoga on Sunday I pass by this bridge with this sentence written on it: Nobody is going to live your life for you. I got myself thinking about so many things that I always truly desired to do but never did, some examples: dancing, gymnastics, fights, bungee jump, getting good at … Continue reading Nobody is going to live your life for you

Living the moment reckless x being in the moment consciously

Since I started my spiritual and yoga journey the thing I most hear about is to be in the present moment. This is by far one of the most valuables lessons one could learn, however this past week I got myself thinking about the difference between living the present moment consciously and just living like … Continue reading Living the moment reckless x being in the moment consciously