I love Yin Yoga

Oh hello there! Does this blog still exists? LOL Well the theme of this post is actually related to how busy I am. I guess only now that life is chaotic I finally learn how to enjoy the serenity of Yin Yoga, which before really annoyed me. In this post here, I mentioned that I … Continue reading I love Yin Yoga


Reconnecting with the Water element

So this month I did an amazing trip to Israel which totally renovated the vibes. I was feeling quite weird the past weeks, and I really needed some holidays, and they were definitely very different than I expected. The first days I spent in Tel Aviv, in a sort of family time I could say. … Continue reading Reconnecting with the Water element

My first Contact Improvisation workshop

Since I discovered Ecstatic Dance in Berlin I have been participating and helping on the events quite often as I absolutely love it. Every time is a different experience and before the dance starts there is different workshops to warm up and help the people to really get deeper and enjoy the experience even more. … Continue reading My first Contact Improvisation workshop