A Solo Female Traveller in Morocco

I decided to share here my experience as a solo female Traveller in Morocco, as on contrary to many things I read online, I had a very positive experience. Thanks to Ryanair (which canceled one of my flights back in October) I got a bonus voucher to spend on flights. When this happened, escaping the … Continue reading A Solo Female Traveller in Morocco


I love Yin Yoga

Oh hello there! Does this blog still exists? LOL Well the theme of this post is actually related to how busy I am. I guess only now that life is chaotic I finally learn how to enjoy the serenity of Yin Yoga, which before really annoyed me. In this post here, I mentioned that I … Continue reading I love Yin Yoga

Regressions on my Yoga practice

Since I came back from my meditation break I've been noticing some regression on my Yoga practice, specially in my Urdva Dhanurasana aka. Wheel Pose, which I was so proud about it in the begging of this blog. I learned during my Ashtanga Mysore classes that the way I was coming up on my wheel … Continue reading Regressions on my Yoga practice

My first Contact Improvisation workshop

Since I discovered Ecstatic Dance in Berlin I have been participating and helping on the events quite often as I absolutely love it. Every time is a different experience and before the dance starts there is different workshops to warm up and help the people to really get deeper and enjoy the experience even more. … Continue reading My first Contact Improvisation workshop

DMT healing experience

Last year I bought myself as a birthday present some DMT infused herbs aka. Changa, which I was still saving some for a 'special occasion'. Well the special occasion turned out to be a random Monday morning after meditation. That may sound very strange to anyone, specially after I add that for almost 7 months … Continue reading DMT healing experience

Challenge: To stop with personal insults

Last night my flatmate told me off once more for calling myself bad words. We were chatting happily in the kitchen as we normally do when I called myself a retarded and she got really pissed with me. This was not the first time she told me I should stop doing this, and yesterday I … Continue reading Challenge: To stop with personal insults