Now I love Yin Yoga!

Oh hello there! Does this blog still exists?

Well the theme of this post is actually related to how busy I am. I guess only now that life is chaotic I finally learn how to enjoy the serenity of Yin Yoga, which before really annoyed me.

In this post here, I mentioned that I had injured myself and therefore was taking it easy on my Vinyasa Flow practice, at the same time I started trying to do more  restorative and Yin Yoga classes, which at the time I was finding really boring and was struggling to actually relax on it

Well things change! My life changed completely in the past months, I suddenly became a university student, not because I wanted to study but because the though of going back to Brazil right now really scares me and I needed a visa extension. Also due to my injure I start questioning life again and decided to look for some options of what I could do for self fulfillment, which did not include too much movement as asana practice so I started volunteering in this sustainable/fair fashion organization.

Either way, between working for money, working for self fulfillment, and studying to keep my visa, time became precious and relaxing time really really precious!

So naturally the Yin Yoga classes started to be simply the best thing of the day, that moment I could finally stop and soft everything, relax my mind and body, and just enjoy peace.

I guess because so much of my energy is needed during the other activities of the day, to be able to lie down on those boosters and spend 5 minutes in each pose started to be just a lot more valuable to me. There I could really let it all go.

Now I love Yin yoga, and I guess this also shows a maturation of my Yoga practice in general. I am finally learning to relax, and for that I am just grateful.



2 thoughts on “Now I love Yin Yoga!

    1. Hey Kay! Thanks for the comment, I fell all practices combined is even more beneficial, I also like to combine Vinyasa and Yin during my weekly practice now. It’s been a while I don’t have time to do a whole Vipassana session of at least an hour, but I hope this year I manage to go back to that too! 🙂


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