Reconnecting with the Water element

So this month I did an amazing trip to Israel which totally renovated the vibes. I was feeling quite weird the past weeks, and I really needed some holidays, and they were definitely very different than I expected.

The first days I spent in Tel Aviv, in a sort of family time I could say.

Than me and my friend/lover drove to the Sea of Galilee for a night. The trip was very intense as I can say there was so mixed feelings going own, however once we got there was just so nice and peaceful I can’t even describe.

What was more interesting for me on all this was this feeling of reconnecting with my water element. I guess as a earth sign, ascendant and moon (really! I still don’t understand why I am not the most realistic person in this world) I always feel more secure on land! Air and Water quite freaked me out a lot in the past, but I feel that lately we are kind of finally making peace.

The Sea of Galilee is like a pool, well even though is called a sea is actually a lake, so the water there is very calm and not deep at all (at least the part where I stayed).

I love to be near water but normally is very rare that I actually want to enter the water, I’m normally happier just chilling on the earth and looking at water, but this time was different, I really felt like spending a lot of time in the lake.

It was almost like a healing experience, as I had an injure in my wrist which was preventing me of practicing some handstand preparations. However, underwater I felt I could do it, so spend a lot of time playing with movements and inversions underwater, which was super interesting.

I felt like dancing in the water, and really connecting to it, ignoring some people around and just being there doing what I felt like it. This flowy movements in the water really serve to me as a deep healing experience, and I did felt like making peace with the water element.

As we were camping there, the night was even more beautiful and serene, we stayed close to the lake watching the moon and stars for a while. I stayed longer in this process alone for some time, just simply appreciating the beauty of life, and being really grateful for all. It was holy!





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