Back to the basics

On my last post, I mentioned I was trying to listen to my body and take it easy on my asana practice not only due to my wrist injury but also because I got a cold. On Saturday however I did not go to class, but I was helping on the Ecstatic Dance event, and ended up doing a few stretches before the dance. I was actually quite proud of myself that I managed to leave a bit early and not forced my body to keep going not in 100% of its capacity.

On Sunday I just couldn’t stay so quiet and decided to go to the vinyasa class, level A which is normally directed for absolutely beginners. I really enjoy the basic classes, as you can get great input on alignment which can improve your whole practice for the better.

That was the case yesterday, we practice a lot of forward bending and downward facing dog. The idea of the class was really to ground on the floor and open the back. We had a great partner exercise which was a total blast for me. I simply manage to touch my heels on the ground while on dog for the first time. I felt grounding on the floor helped me to take some of the weight of my injured wrist, and that was actually an amazing feeling. I am suffering with this injure for the past days and was very concerned that I would perhaps had to take a longer break from the vinyasa classes. Yesterday, I learned once again with my mistakes and realized that ‘practice and all is coming’ is a real deal.



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