Who are you?

What a complex question to ask! Who am I?

This week I thought a lot about this question as my flatmate just directed a video asking this exact same question to a bunch of different people. The answers were so beautiful and varied it really turned my attention to ask myself the same question.

One night at home my flatmate and I were talking about the video, and out of nowhere she started making the experiment with me, asking ‘Who are you?’  over and over again non stop.

Even though I have thought a bit about it the previous day, it was quite surprising when she actually approached me with the question. Later own I started to re-think of what I answered and decided to document here some well-thought ideas of who am I.

I am a seeker, a dreamer, a believer. I am a yogini.

I am a explorer, a traveler. I am a citizen of the world, I am Brazilian, ‘vida loka’.

I am anti-fashion, a minimalist, a environmentalist, a feminist, an optimist.

I am free love. I am my heart. I am myself, my positive energy. I am my experiences.

I am just another human being. I am a life lover. I am dancer.

I am a hippie. I am a free spirit. I am a Taurus. I am earth.

I am dust of the stars, the moon, the sun, the whole universe.

I am still discovering who I am and I am grateful for that.


And who are you?


Here is the link of the video mentioned – Who are you by Sanni Est




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