Regressions on my Yoga practice

Since I came back from my meditation break I’ve been noticing some regression on my Yoga practice, specially in my Urdva Dhanurasana aka. Wheel Pose, which I was so proud about it in the begging of this blog.

I learned during my Ashtanga Mysore classes that the way I was coming up on my wheel was actually compressing my lower back and in a long term that would become a really big problem for my spine. I also learned that my alignment was incorrect as my elbows were always kind of opening to the sides due to my tight shoulders,Β so I started to be more careful with this pose.

After my 12 days break, which was the longest time I stayed without practicing asanas this year, I already notice a big difference on my practice. I suddenly felt not so fit and just a few days after I stared practicing again I injured my leg which really made start taking it easy; attending just the basic and yin yoga classes. Right now I am really struggling with my wheel pose and also a bit with my shoulder stands, today at the class I simply lay down there while everyone was going up, for some reason I just couldn’t do it. The funny thing is that I know it is just my mind with the fear of really hurting myself, my body just needs to get used to this new alignment.

That is quite frustrating but also I feel it is better to hold on instead of performing a pose not in an accurate manner. I feel right now I really need to work on opening my shoulders and understanding where the strength for my wheel should come from. Sometimes is better to back up so we can move forward correctly. I hope to soon be back with some back bends updates!

For now here is some tips I found out:


The mother of all back bends: Β Urdhva Dhanurasana

The surprising way to deepen your back bends



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