Back to the basics

On my last post I mentioned I was trying to listen to my body and take it easy on my yoga practice not only due to my wrist injury but also as I got a cold. On Saturday however even though I ended up not going to a class, I was helping once again on … Continue reading Back to the basics


Listen to your body

So this past month I had to slow down my yoga practice a few times for different reasons. Since I came back from India in February I have been keeping a constant practice of 5 to 6 days a week. Apart from the time I was doing Vipassana meditation, every other day I dedicated myself … Continue reading Listen to your body

Regressions on my Yoga practice

Since I came back from my meditation break I've been noticing some regression on my Yoga practice, specially in my Urdva Dhanurasana aka. Wheel Pose, which I was so proud about it in the begging of this blog. I learned during my Ashtanga Mysore classes that the way I was coming up on my wheel … Continue reading Regressions on my Yoga practice