My first Contact Improvisation workshop

Since I discovered Ecstatic Dance in Berlin I have been participating and helping on the events quite often as I absolutely love it. Every time is a different experience and before the dance starts there is different workshops to warm up and help the people to really get deeper and enjoy the experience even more. This week we had a Contact Improvisation workshop, and it was my first time trying it.

I’ve been listening about it and seeing quite a lot on the Ecstatic Dance events, but never felt brave enough to try myself even though I was very curious about it. The thing is for me is really really hard this kind of interaction with other people, I don’t even feel so comfortable dancing with others and I know there is some kind of blockage related to intimacy that I really need to overcome in my life. In the past I would consider myself the quiet shy type with a lack of social skills, and that is something I’ve been working on for quite a while now. For a person which has a theater or dance it is quite an easy thing to go and do a workshop like that, but for me just conquering the fear of trying and being there was already a big achievement.

The way the teacher led the workshop really helped as well to make me feel comfortable with it. We started on the floor just trying some movements on our own and finally reaching random people on the room and trying to connect with them. In this way we met our partners and the next step was to guide each other with the touch with closed eyes, a big exercise on trust. I was feeling really grateful as my partner felt really experienced and I manage to easily enjoy being guided, but when we change roles it felt strange to me as my mind was making me doubt of what I was doing. Either way we soon started experimenting with other movements, we changed partners one more time and tried a different exercise of dancing connected only by one part of the body and not letting it go, that was quite funny and entertaining.

I’m really glad I took this workshop and loved the experience, I felt especially happy that I tried as it was quite a challenge to me. I hope to experiment more with Contact Improvisation in the near future, I feel it could really help me with my fear of intimacy. Can’t wait to do it again!


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