DMT healing experience

Last year I bought myself as a birthday present some DMT infused herbs aka. Changa, which I was still saving some for a ‘special occasion’. Well the special occasion turned out to be a random Monday morning after meditation. That may sound very strange to anyone, specially after I add that for almost 7 months I have been completely clean fromΒ alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational substances.

So why I decided to smoke DMT?

Judge me now but for me DMT is not a drug at all, just like yoga and meditation I believe it is a tool for connecting to your inner self and the universe. I would even say the same of other substances if they are used in a mindful way, but unfortunately that is not how most people use them (myself in the past included). However I am extremely aware that it is just a short cut to the experiences that you can achieve with a constant yoga practice.

I had been considering smoking that DMT for quite a while now. I knew I was in need of a healing ritual. It is not for nothing that DMT is called the spiritual molecule, it is the active ingredient in Ayahuasca and has been commonly used in shamanic rituals for ages.

Either way this past weeks my mind was going absolutely crazy as I have big life decisions to make regarding visa bureaucracy, university possibilities, moving cities, money issues and the wish to go back to India to study Yoga. I was feeling quite down with all this to sort out and having no clue what to do. I was not being able to conquer my mind so I started thinking I needed a little help to be able to listen to my heart.

I decided to make a joint with it as I couldn’t find my bong screens, also my previous DMT bong experiences were a bit harsh on my trough and now that I haven’t smoked for so long it would definitely be worst. Also as I quite smoking I thought I didn’t had papers at all, but randomly in the morning I found some behind my sofa; it was clearly a sign! I rolled my beautiful Changa joint and went on a smooth yet quite revealing journey.

So yes I got the short cut, but that DMT experience was exactly what I needed right now. The reality is that I actually could listen to my heart, I was just not feeling brave enough to do what it was saying to me, and what I learned from this journey is that there is no need of being afraid. I am the universe!



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