Life lesson banana

It’s funny how we constantly trick ourselves not actually living our beliefs.  Me, for example always say that I am a true believer that the universe gives you everything you need, but my actions sometimes do not reflect this idea.

On the day I left my Vipassana meditation I got an amusing and delicious life lesson that came in the form of a banana. During my last breakfast at the centre, I took a banana to eat on my bus trip back to Berlin, as I was absolutely sure I would need one for the way. At that moment I had a strange feeling, as if I was stealing the banana, even though all the fruits were there for us to consume anyway, somehow it felt a bit wrong but I ended up forgetting about it.

When leaving, me and some other people shared a cab to Hof, the nearest town from the centre as our bus back to Berlin was gonna leave from there. As we had some time to kill so we decided to explore the town. We found a farmer’s market and I randomly started chatting with a super energetic fruit seller, who has been in Brazil and was super excited to meet a Brazilian tourist in his town. By the end of our talk he gave me and another girl two smiley bananas in acknowledgment of the nice time he had in Brazil.

Moral of the history: When you need bananas, the universe will give you bananas!

So basically I didn’t need to take a banana which was not theoretically given to me, if I had waited I would have had the banana for my trip anyway. I end up sharing the banana I took but either way it was a life lesson banana.



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