Milano – Couch Surfing lessons

So the past days I was in Milano to visit a friend who has come from Brazil for a Europe trip with her boyfriend. Since Ryanair plane tickets were so cheap I decided to go there meet her even tough I’m quite brooke at the moment and Milan is not a cheap city.

In an ideal situation I would rather stay in a hostel so I would have more freedom to do whatever I want, and hang out with my friend all the time, but as my budget situation at the moment is not ideal and the only option I could find was couch surfing.

This was only my third time doing it, so I’m not very experienced in the subject and always found quite amusing how people are so open to receive strangers in their houses. That makes me think on how over paranoid and attached to material things I am. My perception on trust is totally disturbed and I find really hard to simply let a stranger enter ‘my’ space and perhaps steal ‘my’ things.

This time in Milano, my couch surfer who was a top host who has hosted more than 500 people, hosted me and 3 others at the same time in one of the days of my stay. When we were all there he gave me and another girl his bed to sleep and went to sleep in the sofa. His action was so beautiful that made me stop and rethink my own actions in life. I feel I have a lot to work on my trust and this attachment to material goods. Unfortunately some previous life experiences had showed me that there is always people trying to take advantage on the situations, myself included.Β I had my things stolen more than once by people that I gave some trust and those situations made me become overly suspicious, but this paranoia is also a reflection of some of my own past actions which I’m not proud of. I guess karma always works its ways.

Either way this couch surf experience taught me that I should be less attached to my belongings and more open to trust people. If people break my trust or do something bad Β that is their karma not mine… and I would probably just be paying some karma debt of the past so I should be happy about it.


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