Ecstatic Dance – my new addiction

So last week I went  to Ecstatic Dance for the first time and it was one of the most liberating experience ever.

I would say Ecstatic Dance is a form of dancing meditation, the idea is to dance freely and let the energy flow. There is some guidelines for the practice to work better, like dancing bare feet and no talking on the dancing floor. Also no drinking or drug consumption is allowed, as the idea is really to be aware and connect with yourself and other through the dance.

I randomly found a event on Facebook one day and they were also looking for volunteers to help on the organization in exchange of free entrance so I decided to contact the team.  I’ve heard very good things about Ecstatic Dance while I was in Goa, but didn’t manage to try it there. I love to dance and I was very curious as since I changed my lifestyle it has been quite hard for me to find inspiration to dance in clubs.

When I arrived at the venue for the event I already felt a very good vibe. I helped out before the event started, and when the dance floor opened I started to warm up, doing some little stretches in the floor and focusing on myself. After the introductory circle the dance really started and from the begging it was already super liberating, I started dancing on the floor and that was the first time in my life I did such a thing, I was just listening to my body and letting it go. As the dance proceed I was just feeling more and more freedom to express myself through it and it felt really good. Also observing the people completely liberating themselves on the dance floor was just beautiful. I danced non stop for the whole two hours, not even stopping for water of toilet. I was really all into it. I left the place completely energized. Totally high from the dance.

That was it I had found my crowd!

This Thursday they also had another event and I didn’t think twice and volunteered again to help and participate. Unfortunately was the same day I did a very big tattoo on my arm so I knew in advance I wouldn’t be able to be as free as I wanted but either way I wanted to be there. Even with the tattoo being a bit in pain and my arm wrapped on plastic I manage to find other body movements to express myself. I mean it took much longer for me to be in the mood and find my connection on the dance floor but towards the end it did actually happened 🙂

What is more interesting for me in this past experiences with dance was to notice how much I evolved already in such a short time. I mean for me dancing was always so hard, is something I love but in the past I always felt to embarrassed to do it, and could only do it if I was drunk, high or alone. What I notice not only in the Ecstatic Dance but also the last two times I partied completely sober in clubs, is that at some point you naturally enter this state of trance through the dance. To be able to be in a dance floor completely sober and achieve that has been already a big accomplishment for me, and I am very grateful for this awareness of myself that dance is bringing to my journey.


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