Bikram Yoga – Trial

Following my last post where I described a bit of my experience with Jivamukti Yoga method, I’ve decided to also briefly share here my impressions on the Bikram Yoga trial I did in March. Back then I discovered Bikram Yoga Mitte did a 10 days offer for 20 Euros so I though it could be an interesting experience to try this style of yoga for the first time.

Bikram is a style of hot yoga and has a series of 26 postures including two pranayama exercises, done during 90 minutes in a room heated at 38 degrees and humid. So yes it is super hot and you sweat a lot!

My first impression was that Bikram is more of a work out and I didn’t manage to feel much of the spiritual side of YogaΒ on it, at least not in this short trial period where I went only 8 of the 10 consecutive days. However the technic does have a big focus on alignments, and the way the teachers spoke the adjustments really helped me to improve my postures and concentrate more on each detail. I also feltΒ that my body was passing through a detoxifying process due to the amount I sweat in the class, and because the body is really warmed up I could also feel an improvement on my flexibility.

Overall this was a great experience and I would be up for some sporadic Bikram classes, but that is definitely not a yoga style I would like to practice everyday.




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