Living the moment reckless x being in the moment consciously

Since I started my spiritual and yoga journey the thing I most hear about is to be in the present moment. This is by far one of the most valuables lessons one could learn, however this past week I got myself thinking about the difference between living the present moment consciously and just living like there is no tomorrow.

For some this living the present moment motto simply becomes an excuse for doing everything you want without thinking about your actions. All our actions have an influence in our lives and in the lives of others, so we must be mindful otherwise we end up hurting people and ourselves.

One thing is being in the present moment and really feel that deep calm state of mind that only doing an activity completely present can give you, from eating or walking mindful to simply be with yourself during meditation or asana practice. The other thing is doing something reckless just because you are ‘living the moment’, like doing shit loads of drugs on a party as if that won’t affect you the day after or cheating someone you love just because ‘it happened’. For me this are clear examples of not exactly being in the moment but just living the moment so unconscious that you can not even see the consequences of your actions.

My friend send a quote to me this week which express perfectly the inspiration of this post:

‘The greatest portion of peace of mind is doing notting wrong. Those who lack self-control live disoriented and disturbed lives.” 

What is right and wrong is quite hard to define and completely relative in all situations, so I would change the word wrong for unconscious so it makes more sense to my understanding of this quote. When you keep an unconscious lifestyle chances are you are hurting yourself and the others around you.  A disoriented YOLO lifestyle can bring a short term happiness but in my belief ‘you not only live once’, so yeah karma is a bitch when you are. Self-control is a very precious skill, once we are truly present in the moment, conscious of our thoughts and in contact with our heart we can really find that inner happiness and live life to the full.


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