Work In Progress II

When I started this blog a few months ago, I wanted to keep track on my Yoga and healthy life evolution as well as my travels around Europe. Turns out I didn’t manage to keep track of anything here as I was busier doing it than writing about it.

Also I felt at that time the intention of the blog was not yet well defined, perhaps not 100% truthfulness and it was the wrong language choice (I started writing the posts in Portuguese, but I actually realised I don’t like to write in Portuguese!).

Now I decided this blog is gonna be 100% myself, just completely true and no bullshit, I just wanna have a place to write whatever fuck I want and whatever comes to my mind. I still wanna write about my journey on Yoga and spirituality,  perhaps my trips, and perhaps about how I deal with a long distance open sort of relationship, or the fact that I stop drinking and using drugs and how this affects my social life, who knows, I just wanna express whatever I feel like and somehow writing makes sense at the moment.

It took me 30 years to start realising who I am, and now that I’m getting to know this awesome person there is no reason to hide her anymore. So welcome imaginary readers to this blog about the journey of Mariana in this world (sometimes other worlds can be mentioned too), there will be bad words, misspelling and poor english grammar and that is it.

I’ll try to translate the previous posts to English at some point, just because why not… Enjoy!



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