Bikram Yoga – Trial

Following my last post where I described a bit of my experience with Jivamukti Yoga method, I've decided to also briefly share here my impressions on the Bikram Yoga trial I did in March. Back then I discovered Bikram Yoga Mitte did a 10 days offer for 20 Euros so I though it could be [...]


Jivamukti Yoga – Trial

A few days ago I completed a trial month at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. They have a special offer for people who are interested in getting to know the school and is possible to buy an unlimited 1 month pass for quite cheap on your first visit in one of the studios. I randomly found the school online and thought [...]

Little lonely girl

So today after my Yoga class I cried... That was not the first time that this happened, however I like to think that it is great when it does cuz it shows that something is really getting released from the practice. Today it was related to my childhood. I had a very deep conversation with my friend [...]